That Berlin Moment arrives!


That Berlin Moment

It is always exciting to have a play published and today That Berlin Moment is finally available to buy!

Yes, you can now buy it from Amazon and even download it for your kindle!

It has been a rollercoaster few months but it is great to see both That Berlin Moment and CBA in print.

That Berlin Moment is a play for four adult characters, two female and two male, which explores how memory is more about the present and the future than the past. A tragic accident has robbed Alex of her memory. Her attentive husband is eager to fill the gaps for her. But the more he tells her the more she hates who he tells her she is.  Determined not to remember at all costs and with the help of a young doctor with a head full of maverick theories and a very new stethoscope, she agrees to meet the mysterious fellow patient, Stranger.  Together they begin to explore and enjoy the present, but it soon becomes clear that his memories will not stay forgotten, with terrifying consequences for both them and the Doctor.

Now if you’ll forgive me, I need to hit Amazon to order a copy, authors do that right…..?

Buy That Berlin Moment NOW here.